The Texas Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (TSLRRA) has updated its website,, to provide easier access, more information and better service to its members. The new site has switched its domain from .com to .org to more accurately reflect the association’s nonprofit status.

The interactive site offers a variety of new features for members and anyone seeking more information about Texas’ short line and regional railroad industry. Included in the features are:

  • An interactive membership directory for industry and associate members
  • An updated online financial payments system
  • Greater access and deeper data on state and federal legislation and activities that impact the short line and regional railroad industries
  • Easier and faster access for membership services
  • Simpler intra-site navigation

More information about the association and membership is available at

“We are excited about improved services the new website provides our members and the industry in general,” said Paul Treangen, TSLRRA president. “We’ll continue to tweak the website to ensure that it meets members’ needs and provides industry information that serves members’ interests.”